I’ve given myself a deadline

Posted on December 1, 2008
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I’ve been working really hard since my last post to get my first affiliate site up and running.

I am determined to get it up by the end of this week.  GreatCamerasguide.co.uk will profile the best digital cameras.  The site isn’t up at the moment - well it is, but I’ve got the Launchpad theme from Themeshaper on it. And Google is coming visiting every few days so it shouldn’t take long for it to come back and index the pages when it’s up properly.

I have a few things left to do:

  1. Glossary - I have developed a glossary full of technical words relating to cameras and photography.  I have used the WP Snap Wordpress plugin.  I’ve just about got it working but need to style it to look more like my site.
  2. Add content - I’m trying as hard as I can to get some content written.  I’m trying to target some search words which might attract some visitors before Christmas.
  3. Sort some images - I need to download some camera images and resize them - a site trying to sell cameras with no images of the actual products would be pretty poor.
  4. Sort out all the analytics tools - it’s all the things like registering the site with google webmasters and google analytics
  5. Boring but important content - I’ve got to sort out all the legal stuff, privacy policies etc.
  6. Upload it all to my hosts
  7. Activate Akismet - I won’t be forgetting that lesson again.

I shall be foregoing my evenings television (and my ironing - that’s no hardship believe me!)  to get this sorted and it might involve some late nights but I’m determined to get something up soon - I’ve been faffing around for far too long now.

I am worried about it though - once it’s up I really do have a proper commitment to make.  It will still involve hours of work every week - and I want to add main shop part - probably using PriceTapestry - so I will still be working hard on it over the weeks to come.

Why not subsribe to my GreatCamerasGuide feed to see if I manage it!

Note to self: Don’t Forget to Activate Akismet!

Posted on November 27, 2008
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In the words of the good old Monty Python song.  I hate Spam!

So how on earth did I forget to activate Akismet?  I have been absolutely bombarded with spam comments and it’s overloaded my inbox and it makes me want to shout really loudly in a silly voice “I hate spam”. 

Well that’s not true - my mum used to make us spam fritters when I was a little girl and I recall them being quite nice!  But I’m older now and my memory’s not what it used to be and Jamie Oliver would have my guts for garters if I tried serving that up to my kids.  But I digress.

When I set up my site locally I don’t have to worry about using Akismet - comments aren’t something to bother me in my own little localhost environment. Nearly everyone in my local world seems to be nice to me and I am quite happy tinkering about.

But out in the big wide WWW there are some really nasty creatures out there who want to make my life a misery when I don’t even know them.  Well not any more!

I headed over to Wordpress.com, got myself a good old API key - and the spammers are hopefully gone.

Are there any other things I can do to protect myself from spam?  Please leave a comment - no spam allowed though!

I’m back - and I’ve been offline so long I forgot my passwords!

Posted on November 24, 2008
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OMG.  It’s been manic here.  I don’t know where the time disappears to.  It’s all been personal stuff getting in the way and I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since my last post.

First off I had half term with the children, then I’ve had my son’s sixth birthday, my husbands 40th birthday, double glazing being installed, my birthday, my mum’s birthday - I seriously don’t know how I found time to go to work!!

I can’t let this keep happening though.  I haven’t been posting here - and I haven’t been developing my other sites either.  I’ve been dabbling a little with designing a skin for my Affilistore sites, but other than that absolutely no progress has been made - I now fear I have missed the Christmas rush as there is a likely couple of weeks work still to do.

I also reckon I’m going to have to go back to work too in the new year - so I have to get my head down and concentrate between now and Christmas but I also need to spend time looking for another job.  Groan.

I like writing this blog though and I even have a few subscribers - but I guess they’ve all disappeared in my absence!

As I said in the title I forgot all my passwords so I’ve spent the morning documenting everything so I am more organised and structured.  The one thing i have managed to buy in my absence are a few more domain names though - all for future projects!  Nothing like running before you can walk.

This blog isn’t going to be a massive earner for me - just a bit of light relief - so I probably need to be more focused on the real sites and less on here - that’s rich considering I’ve been absent for a month already. I need to get myself into a pattern of working, a really structured day - it’s what I had when I was working and I could be quite productive when I felt like it! 

So I’ve off now to write some content - hopefully I can finish an article before lunch - and then work on the site design this afternoon.

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